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Have Fun and Get on the Rave Party

August 25, 2015

The most amazing thing about rave parties is that everyone is given a chance to express him/herself without being judged by anyone. This is just how life may sometimes be; imagine having to do some of the fun stuff without anyone having to bother you. Of course, this is what rave offers, to me it all sounds like that one chance in a life time that you may have to enjoy your life with magical crowd of ravers who are just concerned with the buzzing musical beats of trance and techno sounds. This is quite an amazing thing to do when you need to really unwind. With such rave party events lined up all year round you can’t even wait to find yourself taking down the musical journey and fun moments down at EDC or even at the Burning Man event yet to happen this year at the great desert of Nevada. The great ambiance that comes with the outdoor rave events ignites the fun sensational spark. With all ravers in fun mode, the world look even more amazing, considering that raves never lack the sense of top rave fashion, this is the perfect place to be always. The LED lights are just one of the endearing features that blast up those nights when you go out on an outdoor rave.                         But I must admit that the sky never gets further when you are on those fancy kaleidoscope goggles specifically designed for any rave party outside on those sunny...

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Amazing fashion tips for “Burning Man”

August 18, 2015

The rave fashion is a significant part of any raver and no lady would want to be caught on the wrong side of fashion with the biggest event coming up so soon. The rave fashion is made for fun as well as giving you that spectacular look that you desire. The Nevada climate which hosts Burning Man is not merciful if you are not well prepared for it, and this is for a fact, and if you want to be on the right side of the rave with a week long Burning Man event that will blaze up the skies of Nevada, here are some few tips for the ladies on Burning Man event wear. Top wear ideas for ladies There is no other rave event like Burning Man which is organized on such cruel weather conditions like that of Nevada desert. However, this is just perfect if you really need to wind up and feel the smooth ecstasy that Burning Man brings to you. The Black Rock City offers no different conditions with its close proximity to Nevada desert. What this means that any top or bottom which exposes a significant portion of your body will just be perfect. For the tops the pasties or the crop tops may just be perfect for the Nevada weather. Moreover, you can pimp this tops with a fringe top and even rhinestones. This makes them look even greater. The night may get a little bit cold so don’t forget your romper, but...

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