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Rave shoes: the best for raving

November 25, 2015

Every rave goer and lover knows the basics to raving are your crew, where you rave and the most important part is your style. I am not saying that you should dress up like Nikki Minaj, just dress the part. If you are wondering how shoes and style come into play, well, shoes are the basic elements of a good rave outfit. Any rave goer knows that the party should drain the life out of you, literally. If it is a good rave, it will. Rave shoes should thus be as comfortable as possible since dancing can take up the whole evening. Unless you are dancing salsa, you won’t be needing stilettoes in any rave.                      Rave shoes are of a variety and the choice really lies with the person wearing the shoes. The most common and trendy are sneakers, boots and sandals. Let’s first explore sneakers. Sneakers are a very comfortable choice of rave shoe since they are flat and offer the maximum amount of comfort for any body type. How trendy are sneakers? Sneakers can be trendy depending on the type. LED light u rave sneakers have a sole that lights up thus very fun. Glow in the dark sneakers are also available in a variety of colors. Rave running shoes or sneakers are an interesting combination that comes in a variety of rainbow colors. Sneakers can also be made from canvas. Canvas shoes are very fun, for example rainbow vortex canvas rave sneakers. Sneakers don’t have to...

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EDM Rave Sensation

November 19, 2015

Choosing how to rave is as tricky as choosing what to have for breakfast. Rave has become part and parcel of our daily lives and should be given as much attention as it deserves. So, how will you go down as a rave lover? Short answer, Electronic dance music (EDM), this is the most trending rave sensation and probably the oldest. This sensation dates back as far as the 80’s when it rocked the streets of Europe with countries like Germany being the worst hit. You have not raved until you have experienced the EDM rave culture or in better words EDM sensation.                     The music and dance scene has seen quite the change since electronic dance music re-entered the scene. This genre of music started re-taking shape in 2010 and has seen a tremendous growth since then. This music genre is composed of a wide range of percussive electronic music. EDM is mostly appropriate for live events where the DJ is in charge of all the playlists. EDM covers a wide range of music. This can include the sub genres; techno, house, trance, dubstep, trap, jersey club, hard style and drum. EDM is so far the most popular rave culture in Europe where a couple of festivals are held to celebrate this type of music. Such shows include Sensation, Sonar and Tomorrow land among others. These three have the highest proclaimed fame and a single festival can take up to a week. The EDM sensation has rocked the whole...

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