Rave the Easter way

by Doc Laza March 28, 2016

Rave the Easter way

Crop tops have made a comeback like no other fashion style. They have a legendary feel on them and make a point of not disappointing. The tops feel heavenly and areable to easily show off anyone's beautiful flat stomach with a lot of ease and comfort. They are however not only made for flat tummies but can be worn by everyone. The trick to wearing a perfect crop top is deciding which type fits you and what you want to show off. The first type of crop top is the bustier crop. As the name suggests, this top shows off your bust area and is in the same class as the V-neck crop top whose cleavage dips as a V. Both of these are easy to pull off.

 What to wear for a rave

Turtlenecks, T-shirt and blouse crop tops are great for days when you don't want to show off your cleavage and for those with small bust areas. These three are an all-time favorite for rave goers. They easily fit in any given event and make you outshine everyone else. The most trending of the three is the crop T-shirt. They have an easy feel when one wears them and are the extreme casual crop top. Lace, Chiffon and crotchet crop tops are all differentiated by their materials. Lace is sexy as always since it has an illusion effect that makes it stand out. Lace has become very trendy especially with dresses.

Chiffon on the other hand is gentle on the skin and will leave your sense of appreciation for comfort at another level. Chiffon is the ultimate must have crop top. Crotchet crop tops are another fashion statement must have. They are very original and authentic. They are perfect for any kind of weather and will go well with any kind of material for the accompanying piece of clothing.

Print, sequined and studded crop tops differ in their choice of decoration. They are easy to blend with any outfit. The prints can be of a variety and may be composed of neon colors or simple drawings of cartoons. Studs and sequins just add color and pomp to any outfit. They will definitely do the same for your crop top.

Doc Laza
Doc Laza

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