Let's Talk Rave Undies

by Haggai Olwenya April 03, 2016 2 min read

Let's Talk Rave Undies

Yes, you read that right, underwear. Rave underwear is one of the most important pieces of clothing for a rave goer. There are only two types of women when it comes to underwear, those who wear and those who don't wear underwear. Truth be told, underwear is sometimes very unbecoming and a pain during a busy day. The choice not to wear underwear is also sometimes considered sexy but it may show something that was not meant to be seen. Underwear can either be worn as part of the costume or a costume on its own.

Finding the perfect rave underwear is very important since you are literally what you wear. Nothing makes a statement like your clothes since people are very visual. So, what do you consider when choosing underwear? The first factor is design. Design is everything especially for underwear. Choose underwear that has a comfortable and easy to wear design. This gives you the ability to interact with your day at ease. Comfort is very subjective and should be treated with that equal measure.

The second extreme factor to consider when wearing rave underwear is comfort. Do not get me wrong, the amount of comfort required for underwear is very extreme. Comfort ensures that the wearer does not keep adjusting the undergarments. Comfort makes everyone feel wonderful in a small or great way. Comfort is a factor of the material used, design and the fit. Don't wear extremely huge or tight underwear; you are likely to be very uncomfortable. Comfort is also attached to healthy underwear. As women, we constantly have to think about how healthy our choices are. Underwear is one of those choices. Try some cotton especially for the panties since it is very absorbent. The other option for health can be going the commando way but ensure the rest your rave attire is sweat absorbent.

The clothes you are wearing will determine your underwear. You don't want to show off underwear under any circumstances other than when the underwear forms part of the garment. Knowing the material you are wearing is important. For panties, it’s important not to expose the panty lines while for bras the straps are the thing to watch out for.

Underwear is everything to the rave wearer; it could mean a great night filled with comfortable dancing or a reserved night full of self-consciousness. Think wild, underwear does not have to be boring in any way. Think bold, underwear speaks volumes about your personality. Think sexy, especially if you are going to show off some of it, you have to think in this line of thought. Sexy underwear will also give you a certain confidence since you are able to identify with a certain character from within. Every woman needs to feel this way at all times if possible. Finally, think comfort and health, you need it to live it.

Haggai Olwenya
Haggai Olwenya

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