5 tips about raves

by Your Lamode May 09, 2015 4 min read

5 tips about raves

Lately, there has been a lot of hearsay about these tips which have strewn the internet courtesy of FBI. Interestingly, they are about raves, club and drugs. Actually, if you came across this tips, you would thinks that people who go for raves aren’t far from being drug addicts or a hard core criminals. Ideally, the FBI agency tries to label raves as inappropriate and since the youth are the most raving group, then they try to show parents what they actually purpose goes on in raves.

Most importantly, there are important and very crucial aspects which need to be understood in regard to all this matter. How they describe the actual meaning and purpose of raves is the opposite of how they are. Imagine “a congested and rampant party where criminal or illegal activities and a high drug usage are just part of the usual partying,” this isn’t true in any sense. They essentially try to picture all the promoters as mainstreaming drug usage in clubs. Furthermore, they can say and explain an indefinable cooling room with no substantial proof of its existence in the rave clubs. You will agree with me that that cooling rooms is a non-existent fact, having toured different raving clubs across different known countries, I can attest to this fact. With this unrelenting accusation and bad portrayal of raves, it’s questionable whether this people have a taste of what goes on in the raves. Obviously they don’t take even a single step to find out if what they say can be justified. Actually, it could be absurd for those FBI suits to fit in as rave costume, they come nowhere close, imagine the light gloves and their attire going into raves. we can’t blame them for that.

Our purpose is to fully open up about the real rave outlook to parents and their kids as well, on the information that is misguided by the unjustified tips from the FBI, who label it in an appropriate manner as well as keeping a little of sarcasm mix.

People clad in different rave outfits caring less about your opinion

Strapped Rhinestone Monokini

The dance culture embraces the diverse costumes. The most renowned rave outfits include furry boots, the commonly referred to as ‘Kandi’ and some of the weirdest raving costumes i.e. bottoms and tops which are suit equivalent. These raving outfits have their grounds in the west coast after which they spread over to the United States. Ideally, not everyone embraces this clothing. In summer, less rave outfits are worn but during the indoor parties they are abuzz and you can expect lots of colorful blend with creativity engrossed in every raving costume.

Have fun and enjoy good moments at any rave event

Having great moments and fun is what people are up to in this raving clubs. It could be shocking, however youth have a lot of energy and these joints provide crucial spots to unwind and enjoy every moment spend there. Talk about relaxing sensation of musical atmosphere, dancing and having nothing but just fun, quite amazing.

1PC Halter Top

Loud musical blast

It goes without saying, the rock party or concerts are just too loud and to add more to it the dance entertainment music blows off your mind with its bass. Maybe “when the music seems too loud then you might just be too old” this expression still holds ground. However, it could go to an extent of banging your ears too hard making you regret the following day and eventually leading to tinnitus. Therefore rave ear protective wear is significant to prevent aging up with ear complications.

Drugs is a menace everywhere

This is might surprise you but the fact remains that people do drugs irrespective of which genre they are in. Like the 1960s where ecstasy was vital dancing sensation where people got high in clubs. This trend has some crucial history and it was considered a club culture. But it is coming down bit by bit. Of late, the genre has grown to a massive industry and it not dependent on drug use any more. Although, more prevalently it is not termed as something forced on to someone.

There are prevalent show types of different genres

Shows are diverse and range from small typical clubs to huge festivals and more so there are traditional shows or concert halls with a capacity of 750 people to about 5000 individuals. The most common shows are the dance music parties which buzz the atmosphere from New York to the famous Boise in Idaho. In addition, several genres of the dance shows or music exist and cut across the synthy musical voices you hear on your radio i.e. Calvin Harris and Avicii and significantly the more energetic music; electro-aggressive musical sounds i.e. The Bloody Beetroots the Glitch Mob and also Skrillex. Moreover, the underground music takes a different dimension with flourishing dance and styles and exclusive music sounds ranging from techno to deep house and minimal of course. In case your child or you don’t get amazed with one particular show that you went to, may be the venue didn’t match the genre. But expect more diverse shows to come and absolutely, there will be one which will amaze you or your child. Such big markets i.e. New York City and Los Angeles will always hold a variety of genres, but similarly in the tertiary and secondary markets you will never lack a range of music- dance events.

Great! Now you understand, but most importantly, use common sense and keep safe always. When you feel it’s wrong then it might be! Of course temptations will arise at the dance shows, and you will probably be lured to these things whether getting a drink, hook-up with a stranger or even drugs. However, it’s good to be principled and know your limits as well as maintaining good friends. You don’t need FBI telling you the way to have fun.

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