Electronic Dance Music’s Love Affair With Ecstasy In Dance and Raving

by Haggai Olwenya June 09, 2015

Electronic Dance Music’s Love Affair With Ecstasy In Dance and Raving

Raving is always fun, and it even gets more fun if it is done perfectly without stress. What do I mean by this! It means getting your rave groove on, with all dance styles incorporated and no stress involved. You won’t enjoy any rave party if you go and just stand looking at how people are having fun. You need to try your hand, even if it’s your first time at the rave party. Probably, rave dancing may be considered an all different technique of dancing from the other styles we know, this is because there are no rules for rave dancing, here, you just do your own thing as long as you are having fun. Well, in a rave, you have to ensure your raving costumes are one of the most comfortable attire. This is because you will be engaged in lots of moves which you may not do with any rave outfit that is not comfortable.

                           Igniting the raving ecstasy with Rave dance

Rave dancing is always about individuals trying to express themselves through their movements which are quite inspired by the rave dance music. Some of the ravers may incorporate the hip hop dance moves into rave, but for common ravers, it’s all about free dance, and no one is going to ask you which style to dance to. Sometimes people will jump in unison or everyone doing its own dance moves, all in all, the most important thing is fun and that’s what the raving culture entails.

Rave dance and Music

Significantly, rave dance is fully dictated by the blasting sounds and rave music. The common rave music includes the hip hop, electronica, trance music and other blasting sounds meant for raving. Well, one thing that many people didn’t know is that when you rave dance, your stress levels go down and it may be an easy form of relieving stress just like the other physical exercises. Most importantly, rave dancing is effective in a way that you can dance the way yon want and you won’t get that stress of learning the moves, there are always there. So get on the floor but ensure the rave costume choice perfectly fits all the moves you will be doing.

Rave dancing involves moving every part of your body the way you want; stepping left and right, swinging your hips, jumping etc. all these moves at some point will demand that you move either your arms or your upper body. This way, the rave style of dancing that you get down with as the music beat gives you the rhythm will ultimately be fun. However, you don’t have to complex any move, just be cool and enjoy your groove as the rave party goes on, and remember rave attire choice is crucial.

Haggai Olwenya
Haggai Olwenya

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