EDM culture and lifestyle

by Haggai Olwenya June 14, 2015 2 min read

EDM culture and lifestyle

Of course not everybody will like everything you do in life; you will always be surrounded by critics especially when it is all about the raving culture and the raving costume. But then, what comes in to your mind when you see a young adult clad in full neon with a bunch of glowing sticks or even the cozy ‘kandi’ bracelets all over their wrists? This essentially ignites a raving culture and probably it’s a norm on EDM or EDC.

                          EDM culture and lifestyle

Of late the raving culture has been marked with all the negative stuff from the drug use and all other evils. But this isn’t the matter, although issues of drug may not be denied, it is not to the extent of which it is assumed. This is the reason; Electronic Dance Culture has been marked with a dark side but entirely with a positive culture which is withheld by most of the ravers who stay true to the EDM culture. How the media thinks of a rave and how it is just a congregation of youths who come together to get drunk and dance to the techno trance music, this has never been the case since it is more than that.

Moreover, the biggest attribute about EDM culture and lifestyle is that everyone has the freedom to express her or himself. The culture is underlined by peace, love, unity and fun despite of the uniqueness and differences among all the ravers. It’s always a one community with no evil ideology. Most importantly, how you make of the raves is what matters, don’t ever complex everything, stay cool and embrace the rave culture and you will probably see some sense in it. Essentially, the EDM culture is all about music and dance and the biggest underlining aspect of all the raving culture is one important acronym –the PLURwhich basically stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. And it’s a positive culture which its goal is all about embracing the stated virtues. Of course, every other community has a culture and the rave culture is just one of it on the modern side, and should be taken as any other culture without negativity. The only difference is how we treat every other person at the rave. The people at raves express themselves in their own way so if we just let them be and be ourselves it could make the world a better place.


Haggai Olwenya
Haggai Olwenya

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