5 Best Daytime Dresses

by Maria Olleros November 06, 2017

Dresses are some of the easiest and most comfortable outfits you can use for an occasion, that’s why you should always have them in your closet. When we shop for dresses, we often buy lots of night time dresses and don’t even think about daytime dresses.

The thing is, dresses for daytime events are especially freeing. Think about it: you don’t have to spend too much time deciding what to wear, it’s a lot cooler, and it’s literally freeing compared to tight leggings or jeans (talk about the perks of being a woman).

So now that you know all the reasons why you should also think about daytime dresses, you might be asking: how do I fix this super serious problem? Don’t you worry about that, we got you covered. Here’s a list of 5 gorgeous daytime dresses ready to be worn.

  1. Sheer Top Flared Dress

5 Best Daytime Rave Dresses - Sheer Top Flared Dress

This sweet but sexy number is perfect for flower-lovers. It’s a white dress with a colorful flower pattern on the skirt and on the center of the torso. Perfect for 60s lovers or just plain hippies at heart, this design is psychedelic and groovy, as our grandparents would say. Also, you can have a pair of heels with you, and turn this dress into a night-time look. 2 for 1!

Get this beautiful dress here.

  1. Flared Dress with Button

5 Best Daytime Rave Dresses - Flared Dress with Button

500 days of YOU! This dress screams summer-time, and even if it’s not summer,  you can rock this beautiful dress with sunflowers on the skirt and a jean button top. Fresh, pretty, and super comfortable, no need to stress! You’ll be turning heads left and right, looking effortlessly beautiful, making everyone think you spent hours picking your outfit!

Look like a pretty sunflower! Get this dress here.

  1. Bae Fancy Flared Mini Dress

5 Best Daytime Rave Dresses - Bae Fancy Flared Mini Dress

Simple, yet stunning. This is a laid-back dress, that can also be turned into a night-time look with a pair of cute black heels. A simple black top, paired with an extravagant peacock-inspired skirt that just steals the show. You really can never go wrong with black and a peacock pattern!

Get this stunning dress here.

  1. Haltered Neck Flare Dress with Cutout

5 Best Daytime Rave Dresses - Haltered Neck Flare Dress with Cutout

This is also a groovy dress, but a little more showy and provocative. This blue cutout top, paired with a 60s inspired colorful pattern on the bottom, really makes a statement. Another dress that can easily be turned into a night time look with heals, this number was made to stand out.

Show your true colors! Get this dress here.

  1. Laced Flare Dress

5 Best Daytime Rave Dresses - Laced Flare Dress

Another sunflower skirt dress, this time paired with a white lace top with cutout at the center of the chest. It’s provocative, flirty, and super comfortable. Who says sexy and sweet don’t mix well? This dress shows that they do pretty well!

Get your lace on, and get this dress here.

Maria Olleros
Maria Olleros

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