5 Gorgeous Plus-Size Halloween Costumes

by Maria Olleros October 14, 2017

I got 99 problems but my curves ain´t one! Halloween is just around the corner, our favorite holiday is all about parties and having fun because the best part about it is that you can dress up and do whatever you dare because all the fashion rules are out the window.

This season is the perfect opportunity to indulge your naughty side and go wild. You have only one chance to impress everyone with your costume, so you need to make sure to get the perfect one this year and no matter your size, you deserve to look and feel sexy!

If you still haven’t decided which costume you`re going to wear this October 31st,  check out these 5 sassy choices and totally slay Halloween proving that sexy comes in all sizes.

  1. Leaflet Queen Costume

5 Gorgeous Plus-Size Halloween Costumes - Leaflet Queen Costume

Make everybody go green…with envy while rocking this sexy number. Transform yourself into one beautiful plant and you`ll be turning heads left and right looking like Mother Nature came and sculpted you herself!

Channel your inner Poison Ivy with this three-piece costume right here.

  1. Mighty Comic Hero Costume

5 Gorgeous Plus-Size Halloween Costumes - Mighty Comic Hero Costume

Fight crime and save the world by day, and be a total badass Super hottie by night. Highlight all those fierce curves with this ensemble and people will be begging for you to save them.

Feel empowered and represent the superhero game with this costume.

  1. Naughty Night Nurse Costume

5 Gorgeous Plus-Size Halloween Costumes - Naughty Night Nurse Costume

This sexy nurse costume is just what the doctor ordered for Halloween. Attract Dr. McSteamy at your next party and be sure to prep some jello shot syringes to treat your guests…er, patients.

Send your admirers to the ER with this costume here.

  1. Storybook Alice Costume

5 Gorgeous Plus-Size Halloween Costumes - Storybook Alice Costume

We know Wonderland is real! And with this fun and flirty Alice costume, you`ll be following the White Rabbit in no time. This pretty piece is perfect for parties or simply answering the door to trick or treaters.

Take a trip to the looking glass with this costume here.

  1. Traffic Stop Cop Peplum Costume

5 Gorgeous Plus-Size Halloween Costumes - Traffic Stop Cop Peplum Costume

Cop costumes are a sure way to get attention and with this number, you`ll be stopping traffic, literally. If you`re planning to be extra naughty grab some toy handcuffs, your favorite pair of aviator sunglasses, long boots and show everyone that you mean serious business.

Slip into you roll as the sexy cop by getting this costume here.

Maria Olleros
Maria Olleros

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