Tips for first time raver

by Haggai Olwenya January 05, 2016 2 min read

Tips for first time raver

You just turned eighteen and you want to try out the rave scene. So how exactly do you enjoy your first rave or at least make it to one? The first thing you need to understand about rave is that the club is not a rave. Rave and club are two different things. A rave involves Djs and live performances and can be out in the open. The time to go to a rave can be any time of the day. Raves go on during the day and during the night so it does not matter what time of the day you intend to go during. The most preferable time of the day is however during the night since it brings out the magic in the rave scene. Night time rave allows your glow sticks to be visible and glow in the dark paint to be seen.               


The food -Unless it is a matter of life and death do not think about the food from raves. Raves are filled with all sorts of people who could drug your food. If you will need to eat do it at home not during the rave itself. The other thing about food is water. Water is an essential rave must have. Water is important since during the rave your body will need to be rehydrated. Rave can go for the whole night long and you will not be standing at any one point.

The clothes- you do not need to look like Nikki Minaj to go to a rave; you just need to be comfortable in your own clothes. The clothes can be classy or just simple in all aspects. The rest of the rave goers will probably be wearing something flashy and unbelievably crazy from the colors to the general design. Your shoes will need to be comfortable. You will be on your feet for most part of the night. This means that you need to wear shoes wisely thinking about the future not just about fashion. There are a million ways to have nice and comfortable shoes at the same time. There are a variety of them which look just perfect for the rave seen.

The place- This is the most important choice of the night since it will determine the music, the people you find there and the general atmosphere. For first time ravers a small rave scene is probably the best kind of scene. The smaller the rave, the more intimate the experience it will be for you. You will want to interact with other ravers and the whole experience at large. If you want to do this successfully just smile and enjoy the whole event since that is what you went there for.

Haggai Olwenya
Haggai Olwenya

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