Accessories: Fanny Pack / Backpack

by BlueSky Quianzon February 06, 2017 1 min read

Accessories: Fanny Pack / Backpack

And we’re back! Can you guys believe it’s February? Time flies so fast it kind of scares me lol. It only means we need to keep up. And today, we’re talking about fanny packs (or backpacks, depending on your preference)! That’s right. Your best friend when it comes to lugging around your precious belongings – things you wouldn’t ever want to lose especially at a rave or festival.

We know looking cute is important and sometimes carrying a bag is just either too much or too annoying. But the need of it is sometimes inevitable and all you can do is look for one that’s cute and one that’ll go with your rave outfit perfectly. Say no more! We always got you covered here at Yourlamode. We have super cute fanny packs that we’re sure you’ll absolutely love.

click the photo to go to the link ;)


Now, let’s talk backpacks. While backpacks can lug more stuff around, you wouldn’t want your stuff to drain you of energy reserved for dancing. Keep it cute and keep it small. You only need to bring essentials like your phone, water, money, sunglasses, etc., (click here to know more about Preparing For A Rave). You can totally bring one of your own Jansports or you can bring something cute. Perhaps something like this:

click the photo to go to the link ;)


Whichever you decide to bring, always know that you have options and choices. Yourlamode’s catalog is always updated to make sure you’ll always have what you need. So go, rave, dance, look cute… and don’t lose your stuff! ;D

BlueSky Quianzon
BlueSky Quianzon

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