Is PLUR Hipster?

by BlueSky Quianzon September 02, 2016 2 min read

Is PLUR Hipster?

Photo Credits: Insomniac

As a Raver, it’s fundamental that you know the term PLUR and what it stands for – Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. As a hipster, it’s important that what you value matters. As both, you must live it out without compromise.

what is plur
Peace (Photo Credit: Insomniac)

The term hipster was conceptualized way back in the early 40’s. At that time, when you were described as a hipster, it only meant you were “hip” – It didn’t really mean anything big back then. Now, it stands for something much deeper. Years of fashion and liberalism mixed together has turned this term into something more intelligent and substantial. Now, “Hipster” refers to a subculture of people that value not only fashion and style but more so independent-thinking, creativity, and wit. And that’s why, I think PLUR is hipster. These two terms mesh together and it just makes sense.

Is PLUR Hipster?
Love (Photo Credit: Insomniac)
EDC LV rave event outfits
Unity (Photo Credit: Insomniac)

PLUR is an inspiring set of ideals and it’s one of the things that make rave culture unique and interesting. It is something that is followed and strived for. To call yourself a PLURmaid or a PLURbabe means that you stand for something bigger than yourself. To proclaim that you are these things mean that you advocate the things that our world needs to be a better place. And to showcase such advocacy through fashion and style is exactly what a hipster does. See the connection?

Raver, then you’re a Hipster
Respect (Photo Credit: Insomniac)

If you’re a Raver, then you’re a Hipster. No questions about it. The values you stand for are the statements you make. Whether it be in fashion or in life. PLUR is a Life “Style” – So live it out, out loud, and proud. Show the world what truly matters and look cute while you’re at it.

BlueSky Quianzon
BlueSky Quianzon

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