Looking for Cheap but Beautiful Dresses? CLICK MEEE 😍

by Blue Sky November 29, 2017 2 min read

So, you're in the market for a dress but you want something beautiful that hopefully won't break the bank? Good news, coz you're in the right place! We just recently expanded our collection and we have to say, you're in for a treat! Coz who doesn't love a good deal, right?

Let's start with a few pieces that I am sure will make that heart of yours say "That's the one!" But of course, it all depends on what you are looking for according to the occasion you're going to wear it on or the event you're going to wear it to.

Let's say, you're going to a dear friend's birthday party. You wouldn't want to steal all the attention from the birthday celebrant, but you still want to look cute - this Printed Flared Dress with Lace Details is what you are looking for!



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Perhaps there’s big family dinner coming up and your folks told you to dress nicely without showing too much skin – this Long Sleeve Dress with Cutout Detail is your match!



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Meeting up with old friends at a school reunion? We’ve got something for that too! You want something that will say you’ve grown a lot through the years but also remained sexy and fabulous even with age - something like this Single Sleeved Mini Dress with Low Cut Collar!



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Or maybe you’re just planning a nice day out on your day off? May I suggest a picnic date with your BFF or someone special and just get away, breathe in nature – or better yet, become one with nature with this Flared Dress with Button Front Closure Top!


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What you need is for a formal gathering, you say? We got you! Fancy this fancy Maxi Length Low Neck Velvet Dress with High Slit that is just too fancy even for the fanciest fancy formal gathering!



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As you can see, we got you covered on all occasions. No need to look elsewhere. Here at Yourlamode, we strive to think of everything to give you everything. As cheesy as it may sound, Yourlamode is truly your one stop shop for everything cute, fabulous, and affordable! Stay tuned, because there’s lots more where this came from.
Blue Sky
Blue Sky

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