Rave Wardrobe: Breathable Clothing

by BlueSky Quianzon January 23, 2017

Rave Wardrobe: Breathable Clothing

Hey babes! can you believe we're almost at the end of January!? are ya'll resolutions still intact? or have you broken some already? I have, but oh well... tomorrow is another day to make the decision to change... right? right! in fact, why don't we start today!? - we know some of you have been needing some much needed rave wardrobe tweaking - specifically when it comes to breathable clothing! that's right babes.. we are tackling this issue today and once and for all.

So you want to look cute! we all do! you want to stand out!? we're guilty of that too! but you gotta remember two things. comfort and functionality.

Comfort is really big here at Yourlamode. we do our utmost best to provide you cute AND comfortable clothing. we also try our best to remind you that you can be cute and comfortable at the same time. simply because we want you to enjoy the events you go to. we want you to be able to make the most out of your outfit and experience. it's our main priority. (and well, functionality is another blog in itself - we'll talk about that later)

While we make sure that we provide you season appropriate outfits, breathable clothing is a detail we don't overlook. Because while you can wear the "breeziest" top or bottoms at a summer festival (and by breezy, we mean sleeveless or short bottoms), if it ain't breathable, it'll be uncomfortable. you've probably experienced what we're talking about. that's why when buying rave clothing, always make sure to only look for outfits you know you'll be comfortable in no matter what any circumstance may bring at an event.

Luckily, everything you'll find here at Yourlamode is all you'll ever need when it comes to updated rave fashion, comfort, and functionality. we're ravers too, that's why we feel you.

So flip through our store - let us wow you with just how much we know what you need and are looking for. ;)

BlueSky Quianzon
BlueSky Quianzon

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