The reality; EDM vs. Rave

January 14, 2016

The reality; EDM vs. Rave

The scene of the rave was a place where we went to get out the stress of our everyday life. Most of the ravers came from different places and with different lifestyles either sexually or physically abused. There was an “underground” rave scene where people could go for the purpose of forgetting their struggles, problems and stresses that they have been suffering all throughout the week. In this rave scene, they could find comfort hence letting loose of hard things. At the rave scene, people dance get to unwind and have the sheer fun they need. Rave scene started as a simple and fun way to get the groove however, things change as the days go by.


As compared to the EDM scene which is completely different. Here the drugs are being spoken about with liberty and if one is not careful you may bump into the drug menace. The bad people here sell drugs without thinking they can be jailed and to a surprise half of them are not jailed. The people who make the EDM scene are ravers who embrace the “PLUR” without making any judgement.

As we come out relaxing and enjoying the good music in a liberal setting with the like-minded souls. The word “PLUR” or “PLURR” with an extra R to mean responsibility is more than just a fancy handshake that you are provided with when trading with plastic bracelets. The raver’s motto is that you should have something to remember regardless of the life stage whether as an active raver or not.

It is important to be responsible by adding an extra R on PLUR or not. You should help yourself and others to get out. If you see some people moving away from the requisite you should ensure they are okay. By doing this, you make new friends. You need to remember the meaning of the letter and make fun from it. At times you find that you are not made for the scene where people care about each other therefore you need to keep yourself off and look for something to keep you busy instead of coming out and making an “escape”.

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