Get that Rave look: Rave shoes for Ladies

February 04, 2016

Get that Rave look: Rave shoes for Ladies

When picking out the shoes to go clubbing or raving particularly you need to think of what you will do in them since you don’t want them ruining a good evening. Shoes might make or break a night. Simple; when picking out shoes for a rave, choose something you will most definitely be comfortable in. shoes are everything, they form the foundation for the rest of your outfit. Most of the times, shoes will either make you stand out or be the tallest in any room.

For ladies, they have the luxury of picking out high heeled shoesor flats. High heels are mostly worn to show off and if you are a raver that doesn’t move around a lot. They tend to be a migraine if you move around in them and more so a nightmare if the rave is in the outdoors and the venue has an uneven terrain. However, this being true, heels accentuate your bum by adding an edge to your swing as you walk. Heels have the plus of making most ladies look attractive hence they are nice to parade around and if you are looking for attention you should definitely have some pairs.

Flats are mostly common with the rowdy chic raver. They are convenient since they aren’t tiresome to have on compared to heeled shoes and are the most part comfortable. They are also trendy and come in some really nice designs and are mostly compatible with jeans and chic trousers which most ladies wear while raving. Sandals are also a great pick but can land you a great deal of injuries in a crowded room. The sandals of choice are definitely gladiator sandals since they have this authentic and yet very classy look surrounding them. They show off your feet in the perfect manner and also add a sense of style to the rest of the outfit you are rocking.

What you need to know about rave shoes

The perfect shoe is the one that completes his outfit. Rubber shoes are very fashionableand comfortable at the same time. They are easy to pair and do well with almost anything, the trick lies in simply finding the right pair. Official leather shoes are also a preference if you are looking to pull off a laid back kind of look and also make a fashion statement. They are also really classy and bring out a serious kind of look.

You can also try to mix it up a bit and experiment and see where your mind takes you. It only happens if you are willing to risk it and see. You also need to have confidence in whatever you are wearing because if you don’t feel good who can feel it for you except yourself?

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