Rocking The Perfect One Piece Costumes

by Haggai Olwenya March 03, 2016 0 Comments

Rocking The Perfect One Piece Costumes

One piece costumes are trending this season. Their beauty lies in the comfort that they give the wearer and the general ability to show off the wearer’s curves. One piece costumes vary in their design, color and the material used to make them. There are three very specific and perfectly excellent party one piece costumes that will get any party started, namely; bodysuits, rompers and monokinis. The difference in each lies in the design and the color parameters.

Body suits are very comfortable and can either be full body suits or strapped. Full body suits are very for the less daring souls and offer the chance to look great and be in your zone at the same time. They come in different colorsand can either be printed or not. Print versions can have simple flower patterns, lines or EDM color patterns. Strapped body suits are very trendy and have a general sexy feeling attached to them. They allow the wearer to standout regardless of the party or occasion. They can also be printed or not offering choice in terms of variety.

Rompers are a definite must have for any raver or fashion dare devil. They are often simple one piece costumes that may sometimes include a bra top or not. Rompers have versatility in that they can be V-necked, Criss crossed, Cut Out, Pin ups or even two toned. The color is dependent on the wearer and should not limit the way you wear the romper in anyway.

Other than the type of romper, rompers can differ in terms of the added accessories. They can either be matched with sheer material, patches, studs, zippers or fringes. My personal favorite is a romper attached with fringes. Fringes are the do it all when it comes to decorative features on clothing. The have an added mysterious allure attached to them.

More one piece costume designs

The last type of one piece costume is the monokini. Monokini one piece costumes are almost similar to rompers but mostly have an attached hood and differ in the design they take. This allows the user some choice in how to wear it. Monokinis are very friendly in terms of comfort and can either be accessorized with chains, EDM themes or trance themes.

The perfect one piece will be very easy to choose since the choice will be determined by taste and extent of adventure that one can handle. The only limitation is the wearer of the costume.

Haggai Olwenya
Haggai Olwenya

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