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Ever had a bad hair day and you want to go to rave? If the answer is yes then you should now know that you are not alone and that the remedy is pretty simple. Yes, you read that right. Bad hair has a remedy other than going to the salon. Headbands are the perfect twist and give you that fashion sense that you may be looking to get. The magic is in finding something that suits the rest of your outfit and adds flare to your rhythm. Headbands are of a generally large family and will come in the form of accessorized and non-accessorized head bands.

The first very chic headband that you must try out is the outgoing do it yourself headband. This type is simple and will allow those of us who are blessed with large foreheads to cover up some of it. I know sometimes you want to show it off but other times it is more beautiful when hidden away and tucked under something such as hair, a hat or some lovely head band. Do it yourself headbands come in the form of a cloth is very simple and tied to the head. This type of head band is very simple and elegant at the same time. It is also extremely easy to pair up with most costumes.

The other type of head band is the elegant head band. This type looks like the classic princess bracelets commonly worn to ball room events. It allows your hair to fall back as it does all the magic. The best way to pair up this head band is with a complementary costume such as a princess or queen costume. It will definitely rock your hair and your day to any kind of rave.

The glamorous and very convenient hippie head band is a classic and is made up of artificial flowers. This is a very girly look and will have your day turn into magic before your very own eyes. It has a way of making eyes turn towards your direction no matter the crowd. The type of flower decoration will all depend on your taste for the simple things.

The other type of headband that is a must try is the athletes' head band. This can range from a single strand to a wide band. It can be simple with a single colour or fancy with myriads of colours. The magic will come from within. These headbands are great with pony tails for your hair do. Beaded head bands are an age old way of wearing your hair to any place. They have the right concoction of bland, dazzle and sparkle, all set at the right tone. The most of headbands is this one since the costume will not really make a big difference. If you are thinking of wearing head bands, you could also think of the colour and a glow in the dark feature.


Size Chart
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O/S 32-38 22-28 33-39
S/M 32-36 23-27 34-38
M/L 34-39 25-30 36-40
XL 40-42 31-34 41-44
1XL/2XL 40-44 31-36 41-46
XXL 42-45 34-37 44-47
3XL/4XL 42-47 34-39 44-49
Small 32-48 23-25 34-36
Medium 34-37 25-28 36-39
Large 37-40 28-31 39-41
L/XL 37-41 28-33 39-43