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Rave only has two specific goals; having fun and standing out. The first part is a must for most raves while the second goal is a personal choice. Standing out is very tricky and calls for great creativity. It is a mixture of how you look and how you present the look. Looking good can be very subjective and may only be dependent on the attitude that you wear. It is a very great task and requires attention to be paid from the make worn to the shoes and the way one sits. Authenticity lies with the presentation that one makes with regards to their costumes. Being authentic means that you are an original in the idea that you present and that your work is solely yours alone. Being traditional on the other hand is a rave classic that is done in raves all over the world.

There are two basic steps in achieving authenticity to any rave; be yourself and explore your range of choices one by one or all at once. As I mentioned earlier, being authentic simply means being original. These points in the direction of being yourself. Rave goers are constantly faced with the external pressure of fashion and what’s hot in the season. This mentality will often kill creativity in its very form. However, this does not mean that authenticity cannot be fashionable; on the contrary, it is very fashion forward. Take the example of girls who love fringed clothes, one can simply buy a fashion forward top in terms of color and design and then make their own fringe on the costume by cutting it up. This allows one to look both fashionable and at the same time wear exactly their original design.

Exploration has always been something very familiar to rave goers. It is important since it allows you as a rave goer to enjoy the variety that comes from rave. Exploring the choices that one has can be termed as freedom and nothing is as great as freedom when it comes to rave. The essence of exploring your choices is to establish a way forward when it comes to what you like and what you don’t like. Once you have set the boundary, you are now able to choose from cat suits to leggings and headbands from headgears. This allows you the platform to be very original at all times which is both very captivating and will definitely get tongues talking and heads turning.

Being traditional to a rave seems like the last thing a rave goer would choose to do. On the contrary, it is very beautiful and fashion forward. Traditional rave costumes can range from the simple headgears to the very complicated full costumes. There are variety traditions to choose from which offers a change from the monotony. My personal favorite is wearing the classic traditional Indian wear and plurmaid. It is very authentic and allows one to play around with the illusion created by their curves in the costume. Rave will never be the same for you if you try to be both authentic and traditional at the same time. Try it out, you will not be disappointed.



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