Rave Fuzzy fusion

May 08, 2016 0 Comments

Parties allow one to rave as they want and become the rave from within themselves. The fashion humor and wonder have brought back fuzzy detail into everything and anything. Fuzzy details are normally made up of comfortable fur that literally takes you to another world.

The rave fuzzy fusion can be seen as being part of the costume or being the costume itself. The choice depends on the wearer. The various details made from fuzzy fur include hat details, tops, jackets, hand cuffs, bracelets, pants, bags and even shoes. One of my special fuzzy costume parts is the detailed fur accessories. They stand out easily and at times may have a functional purpose such as keeping one warm. They are also very easy to pair with other items conveniently.

As with other trends, the fuzzy fusion has required a bit of update from what was available in the past few centuries. The trick is to pair it rightly. The greatest do-over of the fuzzy detail is the addition of glow in the dark aspects and neon colors. Glow in Tue dark is simply magical, anyone can agree with that, right? The whole aspect of a glowing fur coat will take the breath out of anyone. Neon colors, on the other hand, have almost the same magic as glow in the dark fur. But you have to agree with me that glow in the dark is simply awesome.

The last bit of fuzzy fusion that makes it outstanding is the functional aspect it wields. Fur is extra warm and thus rather great for the night scene. Night-raves are sometimes very cold and will call for something warm. Fur comes in handy as it allows you the pleasure of both looking awesome and feeling warm at the same time. The only trick that one has to do with fur is to make it work for them. If it works for you then it will work for everyone else no matter how outrageous they may think it is. Finally, rave is growing and transforming into something so brilliant and gracefully, the only thing that will limit this growth is your sense of appreciation of fashion.

Size Chart
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O/S 32-38 22-28 33-39
S/M 32-36 23-27 34-38
M/L 34-39 25-30 36-40
XL 40-42 31-34 41-44
1XL/2XL 40-44 31-36 41-46
XXL 42-45 34-37 44-47
3XL/4XL 42-47 34-39 44-49
Small 32-48 23-25 34-36
Medium 34-37 25-28 36-39
Large 37-40 28-31 39-41
L/XL 37-41 28-33 39-43
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