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So you are going out for a rave and just have to wearthat breathtaking outfit, well, you are not alone. The choice for a rave outfit can only be limited by our imagination since we are the creators and destroyers of fashion at the same time. The most important thing, however, is finding a costume that fits your body perfectly and at the same time allows you to breathe. Don’t get me wrong, breathing is not a biological body function, in this case, it is comfort and elegance at the same time. Back to picking out a costume, tutus are the perfect classic when it comes to great rave skirts.

Tutus go way back in time and are mainly a function of the ballet. Normally, a tutu consist of fluffy skirts tailored together to look like ballet skirts which are fluffy. They are classy and very elegant at the same time. I could praise them for a century if that was a choice for me. Their magic comes from their ability to make a person feel girly and at the same time very sexy. They are personal in style and can dominate any rave scenario without much effort. So, what types of tutus are out there for the skirt lovers to choose from?

Number one, classic ballet tutus. These are the simple tutu skirts that are rather short and fluffier as compared to the other types of tutu skirts. They are perfect if one is trying to pull off a sexy look since they bring it out quite amazingly and with so much ease. This type of tutu skirt can be composed of a longer than usual tailor a normal sized tail. The fluffier the better for this type of skirt.

Number two, romantic tutus. As the name suggests, these skirts are out to get the most womanly scent in you. They are easy to master if paired with the right attitude. In terms of length, they are longer than classic ballet tutu skirts but possess the ability to make one look elegant and calm at the same time.

Number three is the bell shaped tutu which differs from number one and two in that is has a trimmer waist which is a fashion plus and allows the skirt to sit perfectly on a person’s hips. This is a great way to emphasize on certain features. It is longer than the classic ballet tutu but shorter than the romantic tutu. Tutu skirts have come a long way and now have better features such as light up decorations, glow in the dark aspects and neon colored fabrics. They are magic in their own right and will have you wanting more of their action.


Size Chart
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O/S 32-38 22-28 33-39
S/M 32-36 23-27 34-38
M/L 34-39 25-30 36-40
XL 40-42 31-34 41-44
1XL/2XL 40-44 31-36 41-46
XXL 42-45 34-37 44-47
3XL/4XL 42-47 34-39 44-49
Small 32-48 23-25 34-36
Medium 34-37 25-28 36-39
Large 37-40 28-31 39-41
L/XL 37-41 28-33 39-43