Rave leg legacy

May 30, 2016 0 Comments

The rave scene has seen legendaryleg fashion of all kinds. The magic of great legwear comes from its ability to balance with almost every event. Don't get me wrong, when I say legwear, I mean fancy shorts, skirts, pants and everything that covers the lower half of the body. This is one of those parts of a costume that have to be great at all times. The funkier the better. When it comes to legwear, nothing fits better than comfort, comfort is a plus in every costume regardless of the type.

The most outstanding legwear that has stood the test of time is the mini skirt. Mini skirts are an obvious tale especially when it comes to rave. They have a sort of punk that gets everything and everyone on your side of the party. They also possess a form of versatility in that you can wear a tutu or a simple straight mini and look fabulous. The secret lies in the costumes ability to blend with the rest of you. The mini skirt was an improvement of the mini dress which for fashion changed the whole game.

Fashion lovers will have to agree with me that boy shorts or as others call them, booty shorts have also made their legacy in terms of versatility and uniqueness. They are easy to blend and go well with almost everything. Boy shorts are a sure legacy that has a trademark position in the hall of fame for leg wear. The sexiness attached to them allows the wearer to become part of the costume and automatically shines, standing out in every way there is. If you are a raver new bee, this is something you can trust to look great in. It will start your night, week and even add some kick to your year.

The last reigning legwear that has dominated the rave scene ever since its discovery is belly bottom pants. They are the must-have when it comes to pants. Paired with the right top, they bring out those curves with so much ease that all you will need to do is enjoy looking is classy and elegant at the same time. Remember, a class is everything if you want to show stop.