by Blue Sky May 30, 2016


Raving is one of those things that are essentially fun and never lack in every neighborhood. Going out is thus automatic and very essential, the problem is having your hair look great and different every single time. Hair is a woman's pride, no matter the color, length or texture. For some, the wavier the better while for others, straight hair is the way to go. Finding the perfect hairdo can be very trying especially when in a hurry. Hair is however very easy to manage if you know the right tips.

Tip number one, do not overdo it. You have to acknowledge that your hair needs to be itself once in a while if not every day. This makes it perfectly okay for you to have the simplest ponytail and not care. Actually, the simpler is sometimes the best option for you regardless of the costume. Simple hairstyles are also not limited in that they can accommodate even the complicated costumes that one may choose to wear. Simplicity is an art on its own.

Tip number two, try natural once in a while. Most people hate going natural when it is only human to do so. Your hair needs some time and space to relax, so let it. If natural means curly then do it that way. The most important thing with going this way is loving the way you look. Nothing looks as sexy as a confident woman walking into any form of rave. Wear your hair and don't let anyone or anything talk you out of wearing it.

Tip number three, try to outdo your normal self. This means that you allow yourself the chance to explore new hairstyles. New hairstyles could be fragments of change or total expressions of something you have wanted to do but weren't able to. The line that divides normal from new is very thin but representative of something bold and very beautiful. Beauty from within and without. The key is finding that suits your mood and ideal beauty orientation.

The last tip is obvious but very important, add a little life into your hair. This means proper care of your hair and the occasional added accessory. Accessories are of sorts and may work magic for everyone. Wigs may fall into this category and are very simple to incorporate.

Blue Sky
Blue Sky

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