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Imagine the pounding and ecstatic bass, all the rave wear and fancy colors that are enhanced by the strobe lights which are symbolic of any rave party; you can’t miss any occasion in your life like this. But most importantly, the first day in a rave party can be one of the hard moments for some of us especially if you aren't familiar with such rave parties. But now you don’t have to worry about it in fact with this tips you can’t wait to go for the next rave occasion in your town.

                      Girls at EDC 2015 wearing rave outfits from Yourlamode

Do a simple research

You surely don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you are in a rave but you hate all the music that’s buzzing all over your ears. Always be curious and ask your friend before you go for the rave which type of music will be blasting the crowd, since there is a variety. Usually, there is a list of rave DJs which is released before the rave party; take a look and find if there will be a DJ of your choice. Electric music may sound similar for someone not familiar with raving which is quite usual.

Always dress to kill/impress

When I say dress to kill I mean it, with amazing rave outfits and attires available this is the only chance you get to impress with colorful and creative rave attires. If you are a first timer don’t be dull, and by that I mean you have to get in the mood and be part of the vibrant raving community. If you are lady and you love exposing your beautiful figure, then this is the chance to show what your mamma gave to you. However, even as you do your thing, always remember that vibrant colors will ultimately win and comfort is more worth, since you go for a rave to enjoy.

 Do it with open mind and open heart

When you go for a rave for the first time, expect to see lots of weird things, this is what ravers do. So when you get into a rave you better not be judgmental. You will see shirtless older men and even girls with only flowers covering their nipples. This is quite normal, sometimes you may get lots of compliments and hugs from people you don’t even know, this is just what we call having  fun with  love. You know what, you may actually think everything you are seeing is weird but you may be the one looking weird in the rest of the park. So you should be able to integrate smoothly in to the raving culture and know this is a rave and not like something formal you used to.

Just dance

It will never matter whether you are a king or queen on the dance floor or probably you are one of those guys with two left feet, nobody cares about how you dance. If you came into a rave for the first time and you are on either side, you should not be concerned more, but all you got to do is dance like no one gives a damn about you. You are here to enjoy and you need to have the ultimate fun. As long as you in a comfortable rave wear then you need to worry about nothing as you show your moves even as weird as they may seem, don’t get twisted.


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