EDC Festival comes live in Las Vegas

June 18, 2015 0 Comments

The long awaited EDC Las Vegas comes pimped with color and exclusive performances from the favorite artists. And if you are wondering what am talking about, EDC, which basically means the Electric Daisy Carnival is a party for ravers and the electric dance music enthusiasts. It runs both in U.K from 11th of July and the U.S starting from 19 to 21 of June 2015. This is arguably one of the sensational electric music festivals, which has taken over the raving world being in its three year running. EDC Las Vegas is one among the biggest trans-continental electric festival that is growing back to life, since the early days of 90s. Historically, it traces its roots back in the early 90s when it was first inaugurated at Los Angeles in Shrine Expo Hall. Since those days EDC has been growing and taking over the multitudes of about 250,000 energetic ravers at each event. And due to this aspect a raving culture has been developed together with the style and fashion which is commonly considered as the raving attire embedded in pimp and vibrant colors, igniting that electric ecstasy and fun.

                               EDC Las Vegas Outfits

The EDC Las Vegas which is now referred to as by some of press as the “American Ibiza” is synonymously marked with grandiose electric dance music madness if I may be asked. The rave wear on the other hand goes hand in hand with the music and the theme of raving; if you love raving you would probably agree that EDC Las Vegas is the largest and the huge EDM festival in the whole world. More significantly, it is accompanied by some of the biggest names in the music industry and for this year EDC in Las Vegas will some of the biggest artists i.e. Calvin Harris, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Yellow Claw just to mention a few. The festival is without any significant doubt a rave party which is usually drenched in one of the highest hedonic vibe, with lots of memories and togetherness that is unforgettable. Don’t miss out on the event of you are a raver and love to rave.

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Get your best rave outfit and go down the Las Vegas Motor Speedway with all the features of art, all the EDM DJs and exclusive circus style performances. It’s probably one of the moments to enjoy your life.



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