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by Haggai Olwenya June 21, 2015 0 Comments

The EDC Las Vegas is over; the energy ignited at the Motor Speedway in Las Vegas was probably one of the energetic rave weekends this year. This is one of the events which the hard-core rave fans call it quintessential EDM event of the year. Friday night had the heightened anticipation and it actually didn’t disappoint as it hit just like it was meant to do. Imagine the outstretched convoy of different cars at the usually quiet and calm Route 15, looking more like a massive parking lot. EDC Las Vegas was one rave killer event that brought a multitude of ravers from all walks of life. Imagine over 300,000 tickets which went out just for this event, this is quite a great number of people and it proves that Electric Daisy Festival is just one of those events that are loved all over the world as the numbers indicate.


Every aspect that was portrayed by this huge event was spectacular ranging from the theatrics, music production elements, performances and the rave attire or costumes, all was a blast as it ignited a spark especially with the neon kandi bracelets which were all new and trendy feature that highlighted the twilight and rave pimped girls. You could have not missed this! The vibrant rave outfit designs were quite stylistic with the ladies taking over the rave attire pimp. The flashy light of the EDC festival and the music sound blended in exclusively with the ecstatic mood and all the flamboyant neon strappy attires that ladies wore.

And if you would love to travel, EDC gives you that chance to rave and move round the globe meeting the raving community all over the world. After its inception in the early 1990s various recreations of EDC Las Vegas, can now be seen to crop up in different parts of the world including the New York, Puerto Rico and Mexico as well as in London UK. Those are just replica events to the EDC Las Vegas and if you want to experience the same energy don’t miss out on the dates of these annual festivals. More importantly, to enjoy this rave festivals you need to make sure that you got it right on the rave attire which compliments the extreme bass music you will be dancing to, especially for the ladies; here are some excellent rave attires you might consider next time:


Haggai Olwenya
Haggai Olwenya

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