The big event; Burning Man is up-close

by Haggai Olwenya August 12, 2015 0 Comments

The big event; Burning Man is up-close

The tainted and calm winds which blow over the great Nevada desert ignites an exclusive calm and eerie sensation as the Burning Man event comes live from 30th August to 7th of September 2015. Burning Man is an event which has its roots in the great city of San Francisco on the Baker’s Beach dating back to the early 1980s. The annual event which takes a whole week started in San Francisco before migrating to Nevada at the Black Rock Desert. The event is one of the greatest events in the world that happens once a year. It draws all manner of extremes with fashion and art taking the center stage. Moreover, Burning Man showcases what may be termed as the greatest and most unique culture of liberation that has never seen anywhere else in the world and I can tell you for sure that Burning Man is not for the faint hearted.


The idea behind Burning Man is a complete cultural diversity allowing you to be yourself with no one trying to judge you in any way. More importantly, the festival liberates you from the normal oppressive cultures or what we may call “Man” which is based on manifests. With the event just around the corner the actual reality of man will go and dissolve essentially into smoke, signifying the beginning of the art majesty of the event. Eventually, the well-dressed ravers as well as the gypsy warriors will be seen emerging from a ball of misty and dusty haze and much more drama will follow suit.


The ultimate rave community will be present and ready to showcase a significant cultural dimension out of all odds. With the notorious weather expecting to welcome you to Nevada, wearing less could be very important. The cropped tops and the pasties for the laddies could work out magic. Although, the frigid night may bring in some cold aspect, ensure you carry a warmer outfit along with you. Moreover, the ultimate booty shorts could be a match for your overall wear. Furthermore, don’t forget to include some of this amazing embellishments like fringe, steam punk even a multi colored sequin head piece. With all the best rave outfits out there you are well set for the Nevada weather, this August 31, 2015 will be a blast as you embrace that radical self-character as the year gets closer to the other end.

Haggai Olwenya
Haggai Olwenya

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