Let’s Talk Rave Glasses

by Haggai Olwenya September 12, 2015 0 Comments

Let’s Talk Rave Glasses

What is first thing you notice on a person when you first glance at them? Is it their tricky but lovely shoes? Their amazing taste in color and rather bland choice of lip-gloss, Well, I notice their eyes. Is it whatever they have on their eyes? Not exactly, I am not talking about masquerade parties. I am preaching about glasses and in this case rave sunglasses. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and in every good rave party no one wants to go creeping into people’s souls. Rave glasses come in handy because they act as the perfect make up for the eyes and at the same time form part of the accessories appropriate for most rave outfits.


Glasses should be at the top of the list for any real rave goer since they are the perfect accessory. No need to work on them to look great. They are custom made for your perfection with very durable frames that are lined with micro fiber which makes them unbelievably clear and light. This means that you don’t even get to know they exist yet they are intelligent game changers. Rave glasses are heterosexual and can thus be useful and trendy for both men and women.

Rave glasses occur in many types, designs, forms, shapes and colors. They can be simple 2D glasses customized with the trendiest of rave words; window blinds glasses, diffraction glasses, kaleidoscope glasses, 3D glasses and glow in the dark glasses. Rave glasses are great for any outfit whether you are partying out in San Francisco or you are at a friend’s basement having a good time.


Diffraction glasses are by far the coolest glasses in stock. These glasses have a special lens that acts as a prism and is able to split light into a myriad of rainbow colors. The lens is suitable for LED stage lighting as well as laser beamed stage lighting. They are also available in a variety of colors and shapes. The rave is thus able to come to you at any moment from any point of the earth provided there is light. These glasses are also a fun tool for kids and teenagers

Kaleidoscope glasses come in second in terms of cool. These glasses have a gothic yet very down to earth kind of feel that leaves you feeling both confident and amazing. There are a variety of designs that are all very fashionable and trendy.

Haggai Olwenya
Haggai Olwenya

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