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by Haggai Olwenya September 20, 2015 0 Comments

The most awaited party is almost here, the least we can all do in its honor is really look the most scary we can. Don’t you agree? The Escape Halloween party is probably the best place for Halloween celebration. The 30 th and 31 st October is less than two weeks away in San Bernadino, California. This means I can proudly say it is on and if you have not figured out whatever you are rocking on, you need to get ready enough. We all love and celebrate the Halloween horror with certain pleasure. In another world maybe Halloween would have been another Christmas day for some of us. The escape Halloween event is where every single person gets to drink feel the love, the art and enjoy music all from the same party cap.


The escape Halloween affair gives you the opportunity to “elope” with the perfect Halloween costume for two days of pure or if I may say virgin madness, madness in the best and most preferred way. The event combines a variety of activities from dancing at four different stages, Spooky Mazes that will probably have you spiked with adrenaline, wonderful artwork and amazing performances from a variety of performances. This buffet of activities only mean one thing, you have to dress right. It has to be comfortable, modest but sexy and in every single possible way scary. It is Halloween; bring out the scare in you.

Fashion comes down to only one thing, the way you wear something. Belly jeans and flip flops did well in the eighties but can still be very fashionable in this age and time. The Escape Halloween party allows you to be yourself and brings out your creativity in every possible way. The dress code can be simple do ups or very detailed and rather handy costumes. So in terms of fashion this year, think psycho circus. Yes, you read right, the circus is finally a scary place to be. This event allows circus madness from within and around the circus.


Keep your fashion as comfortable as possible since you will probably be filled with too much joy to settle down even for just a few minutes. Think gothic, punk, sexy, scary, and creepy however, do not forget to add a little pretty to the icing of your very fashionable costume and yourlamodecan get you in the perfect dress code. Remember, you are the fashion. Wear it like it’s scary, that way it is able to give everyone else elaborate goose bumps. Do not forget that a great costume can be let down by bad make up and great make up can make the costume more attractive, in a scary way.

Haggai Olwenya
Haggai Olwenya

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