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Halloween cannot be Halloween without props. Props give that pop to the whole celebration. Halloween props can be simple, detailed or entertaining. The prop type largely depends on you. The spookiness of Halloween lies in the details, and the detail is in the props. Props can have a variety of sizes depending on their purposes. The prop however has to be Halloween themed meaning pretty scary. There is no point in a prop that says “come and hug me”. So how do you get the perfect Halloween prop? Think scary and think easy and affordable. You can buy Halloween props at yourlamode with a combination of an amazing Halloween costume or even make them yourself by giving the prop a do up.

                 Halloween props

Buying Halloween props; this is probably the easy way out though it lacks the “x” factor since your prop shall bear the manufacturers details. This method of acquisition is both time saving and easy. Bought props are available in many varieties since props can range from simple pumpkins to drop dead frightening zombies. Bought props are better than homemade props mainly because they are of a higher quality.


Do it yourself props are a brilliant way to add to Halloween activities. They also make the celebration more interactive since the whole family or a group of friends can partake in the activity. Do it yourself ideas have a wide range with the only limiting factor being the creativity of the maker and the resources available. This method of acquisition of props is however very costly and time consuming. Unless you are using old items for the prop, they can cost you a fortune. The props will however have your mark of perfection or imperfection, let’s face it not all of us are creative.

The last way of getting props is by buying or making the props then making a few adjustments by adding “accessories” to it. This can turn out marvelous since one’s work is already simplified. In other terms, you are simply adding the cherry to the ice cake.

The latest trend rocking the prop scene is animated props. These props are electrically powered and are thus able to come to life. Imagine walking around in your house with a zombie who used to be a doctor following you. Spooky, right? These animated props really bring out the whole idea of Halloween and cause quite the stir. We all know there is no better way to Halloween props than getting it right.


Size Chart
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O/S 32-38 22-28 33-39
S/M 32-36 23-27 34-38
M/L 34-39 25-30 36-40
XL 40-42 31-34 41-44
1XL/2XL 40-44 31-36 41-46
XXL 42-45 34-37 44-47
3XL/4XL 42-47 34-39 44-49
Small 32-48 23-25 34-36
Medium 34-37 25-28 36-39
Large 37-40 28-31 39-41
L/XL 37-41 28-33 39-43