Halloween Partying

October 18, 2015

Halloween Partying

The word “Halloween” originates from a holiday back in the 800s AD which was called “ALL Hallows Eve”. It was usually celebrated on October 31st every year a day and evening before “ALL Saints Day”. The festival was regarded as a time of celebration and superstition. The holiday originated from a group of people who were known as the "Celts". They thought that ghosts usually visit the living on November 1st and therefore they dressed up like ghosts to prevent the spirits from harming them by hiding their identity. The first celebrations involved engaging in “play parties” where people would gather around bone fires and share stories of the dead, sing, dance and make merry.


Today, Halloween festivities are celebrated in many parts of the world by holding parties known as “block parties “where both the young and the old are participants. A lot of people dress up in costumes and attend masquerade parties and other street functions which are usually organized by different people. There are usually games and treats for children while teenagers participate in dances wearing their outrageous costumes. They will then engage in different activities e.g. participate in pranks such as tipping in garbage cans, ghost stories are told, decoration of their costumes and playing games such as “bobbing for apples” and “pin the-tail-on-the-donkey “which are the Halloween traditional games .Some of Halloween treats include dried pumpkin seeds, caramel apples, and popcorn balls.

Street parties are usually attended by hundreds of party goers who are mostly dressed up in costumes and masks. The celebrations usually last all weekend. People let their all extremes and celebrate in the best way possible, talk about the costumes its all about Halloween and fun can never be out of the game. In financial terms, Halloween is second to Christmas with consumers spending a lot of money to purchase the candies, costumes and other decorations.


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