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A rave party in the US is a phenomenon that is increasingly gaining popularity in this century. This is particularly due to the advancement of technology to unimaginable levels over the last decade dating back from early 2000’s. The new millennium came with a new touch in the raving game that offers unlimited entertainment not only to ravers but also all rave fanatics. Rave parties involve all night long choreographed dancing and fun which doesn’t end. Techno music, New York garage music and party lighting have long become the norm in these parties. Therefore if you are keen about rave parties, then these three rave parties should never pass you.


Electric Daisy Carnival

Brought to you by insomniac events, this great party for all ravers has been in existence for close to two decades and happens all over the US from New York, Las Vegas, Nevada and even Texas just but to mention a few. The event attracts a multitude of about 400,000 individuals over a period of three days in Las Vegas each year. The event has been held in several locations in South California. Furthermore, the event comes on different dates every year. For instance, in 2015, the event was held in Orlando, Florida at tinker field on 6th and 7th of November. Other venues were East Rutherford in New Jersey and Las Vegas in Nevada and the usual great event next year will be held in Las Vegas in the month of June.


Ultra Miami

Ultra Miami festival is held in a number of countries; Brazil, Chile, South Africa and China. The festival was invented in the late 90’s and it has grown over time. The event now takes place over two consecutive weekends with the 2014 event attracting close to 200,000 ravers and fanatics of the festival. It is different from the other rave parties as it starts early in the afternoon and goes on up until midnight. But that should be no problem as the ravers have a number of after parties to attend until Morning. Batfront Park in Miami hosted the 2015 edition.



TomorrowWorld festival takes you to the Chattahoochee hills in Georgia. The rave party is usually held in the last week of September. TomorrowWorld has its origins in Belgium but has recently been adopted in the US at its third year; the festival has gained popularity and has been nominated for the best music event by the international dance music awards. In the previous year, 2014, the event attracted more than 300 deejays performing on over a half a dozen stages and before a crowd of about 150,000. This are just some of the biggest rave parties that happen in U.S and all over the world.



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