Exclusive rave music transformation

November 14, 2015

Exclusive rave music transformation

One cannot begin talking of rave music without referring to the genres played in the late 1980’s and the beginnings of the 1990’s. These genres were phenomenal and helped to shape the world of rave music scene. These include House music, Acid house and the famous techno music. They were some of the first genres of music to be played in rave parties. Other genres which have emerged due to this transition include Electronic dance music, Electro house, Progressive house, Trance music and Psychedelic trance. Moreover, Hard style, Speed core (less electronic like the glam rock), new rave, power pop, are just some of the most popular rave music styles which have emerged in the rave scene thanks to the early rave music styles that began the trend.


The rave music used to go by the title 1980’s hardcore. It was started in the UK in response to the Newbeat by the UK Acid movement. Newbeat often borrowed an aggressive industrial music tune while rave tended to borrow Newbeat's elements that were harder than Acid house. Rave was a pleasant sound that worked in favor of blended melodies over the gloomy sound of the Roland TB.This had the influence of attracting a larger audience. The genre’s tag was later changed to Break beat Hardcore. This adjustment brought other varieties of rave music such as the Drum bass, JazzStep & Action, Gabber, Hard style and Happy Hardcore.

In the late 80’s the rave values started filtering through English speaking audience and Dj’s who visited Europe. Key expansion in the North America is however attributed to Frank Bones. Bones helped organize some of the inaugural American raves in the 1990’s in New York after spinning a party at an aircraft hangar.

Later, a number of promotional groups emanated across the East coast including Underworld, Park rave madness in New York, Guaranteed overdose, local 13 and many more others. They helped revolutionize the modern rave music which now includes the techno, trance and even rock. Since then rave music has been hyped and now takes the modern aspect of the changing music industry.

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