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Choosing how to rave is as tricky as choosing what to have for breakfast. Rave has become part and parcel of our daily lives and should be given as much attention as it deserves. So, how will you go down as a rave lover? Short answer, Electronic dance music (EDM), this is the most trending rave sensation and probably the oldest. This sensation dates back as far as the 80’s when it rocked the streets of Europe with countries like Germany being the worst hit. You have not raved until you have experienced the EDM rave culture or in better words EDM sensation.


The music and dance scene has seen quite the change since electronic dance music re-entered the scene. This genre of music started re-taking shape in 2010 and has seen a tremendous growth since then. This music genre is composed of a wide range of percussive electronic music. EDM is mostly appropriate for live events where the DJ is in charge of all the playlists. EDM covers a wide range of music. This can include the sub genres; techno, house, trance, dubstep, trap, jersey club, hard style and drum.

EDM is so far the most popular rave culture in Europe where a couple of festivals are held to celebrate this type of music. Such shows include Sensation, Sonar and Tomorrow land among others. These three have the highest proclaimed fame and a single festival can take up to a week. The EDM sensation has rocked the whole world due to the music that only requires a DJ and a few times performing artists. The music played can either be “soft” or “hard”. The variety depends on the crowd and the point at which it is being played.


This sensation is probably becoming widespread due to its whole set up. It incorporates the audience in making the experience and uses mostly beats rather than words. Places where EDM is played are very animated from the deco to the props used. The basic input used is the art of bringing the party to life. This means that everything in the party seems to be alive to the rave goer. For example, the stage is set in a way that accommodates a screen to showcase images that are in consistent speed with the beats. The deco employs various animation features such as glow in the dark aspects which easily bring it to life.

EDM is spreading away from its birthplace which is Europe with countries such as Belgium and Amsterdam holding the largest festivals of this kind to other parts of the world. More people are beginning to appreciate this growing music genre for its simplicity and enticement.