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Raving can be pretty fun but if you are not careful it could mean throwing away your life on a whim. Whenever you are attending a rave you need to know what to do and what not to do. The first thing you need to do carefully is to choose your crowd. If it is your first time to go out for a rave, the best choice for your crowd will probably be with people you trust and who are exposed to the rave scene. The crowd is also determined by the place you are going to rave at. Too many people can be a nuisance or can be the difference between black and white picture from a colored picture. Talking of crowds, it is always best if one avoids talking to strangers. You can be social but it is best if you just keep it social.


The other do for a rave goer is clothing and shoes. Your clothes will describe you immediately you enter the rave venue. Do not be too colorful but also do not be afraid to experiment with your creativity. The most important thing is however your comfort. Be as comfortable as you want to be. Nothing else will matter since being uncomfortable could mean you getting blisters or not enjoying the rave. You need to carry water, a lot of water. You will sweat so much that your body will become dehydrated from all the dancing.

The don’ts for rave goers are basically measures to protect you from messing up your night and from having a dull time. Don’t number one is simple, do not take drugs for the sake of it. Drugs are very addictive and getting things into your system without knowing the source or what exactly it is can be very fatal. Leaving your fate to the rest of the rave goers is the same as jumping off a bridge. People are sometimes brutal. This is the most crucial don’t.

The other thing that you do not need to be doing at a rave is to have sex at the party, have conversation on the dance floor and constantly pull your phone out for selfies. There are many myths surrounding the rave scene such as it is a place where anyone can do absolutely anything. I understand there is the freedom to express yourself but sex should be between the involved people. no one else has to know. The dance floor is strictly for dancing. If you suck at it learn a few tricks before a rave, do not strike up conversation to make up for poor dancing skills. Selfies are trending but rave should be rave and not the selfies hub, full stop.


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