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by BlueSky Quianzon August 26, 2016 0 Comments

Now on its 30 th, Burning Man is a festival where a commune of artists come and gather to participate in creating Black Rock City in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. The event will run for eight days, starting August 28 until September 5. If you believe in everything art and self-expression, then Burning Man is the place to be.

The event itself centers on creativity, which we all know is the heart of the rave community. And ingeniously, the event’s method of creativity is participation. From amazing art installations to breathtaking performances, Burning Man takes everything to the next level.  Burning Man is an event where the community is what you come to see. Attendees come to participate and that means you either create art or be the art. Burning Man isn’t just a festival, it’s an avenue.

Burning Man is a place where anything is possible because the participants make it possible. It exists because of its community of amazing artist that is the very soul inspiring all that the event stands for. It is a hub of both artistic expression and exposure – an experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

The “Ten Principles” written by Burning Man co-founder Larry Harvey shows us how “The Burning Man” metaphorically pertains to our burning selves burning with passion. It is believed that each and every one of us has something to give and gift our community with. It is believed that each and every one of us is responsible. It is believed that each and every one of us is included.

Burning Man is a place to pour yourself out, let yourself be known, and let yourself be appreciated. Burning Man is a place of fervor and burning desire. Burning Man, even though temporary, is a place where you can leave your mark.



BlueSky Quianzon
BlueSky Quianzon

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