by BlueSky Quianzon September 19, 2016


Photo Credits: Insomniac

Insomniac will be releasing ghouls and goblins on the 28 th and 29 th of October at the NOS Event Center in San Bernadino, CA and it’s going to be biggest Escape Halloween yet! From scary cool interactive art installations to a wicked awesome lineup, this year’s event will be oozing with fun and you wouldn’t want to miss it.

Photo Credits: Insomniac

In the rave world, creativity with outfits and costumes is a given but when Halloween comes around, it becomes twice as serious. And the people at Insomniac take the seriousness of Halloween real serious that it’s not even funny… in fact, it’s scary. Everything at Escape Halloween is top-notch. You’re bound to leave with nightmares and it is all part of the fun and experience.

Photo Credits: Insomniac

We heard that a band of the undead and unrecognizable will be roaming to haunt headliners all throughout the event so it is imperative that you blend in. Good news is that we have the perfect collection of costumes to choose from so you’re either able to escape or scare them before they scare you. The experience is going to be insanely mind-blowing, you should watch out for any brain goo that may have collected on the floor from someone’s head exploding. Careful you don’t slip and trip and get eaten alive by zombies. Am I scaring you too much? Sorry about that. Guess you’ll just have to find out whatever else the biggest scare festival has in store for its headliners this year. One last tip tho, be sure to wear comfortable shoes so running won’t be a problem.

BlueSky Quianzon
BlueSky Quianzon

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