Should you wear makeup at a rave?

August 19, 2016

Should you wear makeup at a rave?

Photo by Insomniac
If you’re an EDM newbie, this blog is for you. We’re telling you now that Makeup is necessary and vital to expressing all that you are which is what raving is mostly about besides the awesome music. And while that sounds exaggerated, it is something we believe to be true.

If you’ve been in the EDM scene for a while, we still think this blog can help. You probably already know that makeup makes a world of a difference, especially when it comes to raving and that it’s all part of one’s rave game. Even so, we hope you stick around because we still do have something for you at the end of this blog.

To start, makeup is integral because it ties into your entire look. Imagine an amazing outfit accompanied by a plain face. It’ll be lackluster. Now, imagine an amazing outfit with the eyes to match it. It will be a message saying that you’re going all out and holding nothing back.

There are a plethora of amazing rave makeup tutorials you can find online so there’s absolutely no excuse. If you can’t do makeup, there’s never a reason to not learn something new. It’s part of the fun. It’s part of the liberating experience. All in.

As for the not-so-noob to the game, what we have for you is a challenge. The EDM scene is ever growing and ever changing. We don’t think it’ll ever stop. Amp up and step up your rave game because every event is an opportunity to seize. Make the most of everything.

You may be thinking, “It’s just makeup.” Well yeah, but makeup is Art. And Art is Soul. And Soul is where our creativity is traced and derived from. And dare we say that creativity is the very soul and heart of the EDM life - the music, the people, the dancing, the outfits, the ideals, and the experiences.

Below is a rave makeup Tutorial and we hope it inspires you to be the most creative you can be with everything. Rave on! ♡❀♫⋆


Disclaimer: Video above is not our own. CREDITS to Brittany Balyn

Find her on YouTube and other Social Media!

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