RAVE 101

For starters, a Rave is an event centered on music and dancing
Photo Cred, TomorrowWorld
For starters, a Rave is an event centered on music and dancing and it's been around since the late 80's. Raves used to be held at abandoned warehouses or underground because of how loud and late it can get. But since then, it has grown so big that it is held almost anywhere in the world and has so much more to offer now than ever before - from the DJs and live performances to the art installations and amazing food - every turn is a unique moment waiting to be experienced.

Now, a Rave has two subcategories - Music Festivals and Club Events. A Rave is generally what we've defined above but if we're going to be specific, there are raves that are classified as Festivals and there are raves that are classified as Club events. How do you tell the difference? Well, a festival isn't very different from what a rave generally is - but it is more constant in terms of overall setup and line up of activities, while regular raves vary from time to time depending on which event it is. Club events, on the other hand, are kind of like watered down raves but in a totally good way of course. At a club event, you get to experience the same great music and fun dance party that a rave has and is but with a much more intimate atmosphere, crowd and venue. Club events usually run on a weekly basis and attendees are not normally keen on dressing up. While a club event might not totally be all that a rave is, depending on who you are, we reckon it's still a good alternative, nonetheless.

Which one should you attend? It totally depends on you really. What kind of experience are you looking for? If you fancy something out of the ordinary and love to express yourself through creativity, then it's a rave or festival for you. But if you just want to see your favorite DJs and get a weekly dose of EDM but don't really care for dressing up, then a club event has you covered.

Photo Cred, TomorrowWorld

Best Rave Festival to Attend

How to choose which specific events to attend? This one’s a toughie. We would recommend all of them but that’s just not practical. But in such a dilemma, consider these: costs, distance, line up, and experience – these are factors that will help you narrow down your choices. But in the unfortunate event that these are not in your favor for whatever reason, don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world – remember that there are lots of other raves and festivals to anticipate (and prepare for, if we’re to look at the brighter side of things).

Lastly, if there is one thing you must learn, it’s that there is a culture upheld at raves. And if anything, it is what makes raves and its community amazing. This culture is an ideal called PLUR which stands for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. It’s the solid community spirit ravers in the late 80s promoted that is still being encouraged to this day. A rave is not just about partying – it’s about coming together and being a community. It’s about having an amazing time and being high-minded about it.


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