10-Light Premier Assorted Glove Set

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10-Light Assorted Premier Series LED Glove Set

  • Includes Two (2) Gloves with 10 LED Finger tips
  • Uses our Extra Durable Premier Casings
  • Choose Your Glove Type!
  • Batteries Included
  • Assembled and Ready-to-use!
  • Choose your own unique diffuser:
1. Orb Diffuser
2. Open-End Thin
3. Open-End Thick
4. Closed-End
5. *PremierClosed-End
6. *PremierOpen-End Thin
7. *PremierOpen-End Thick

*Our Premier Diffusers feature an opaque finish to maximize and enhance your microlight diffusion!

Overwhelmed with which light to choose and what will look the best? Take a look at our Assorted 10-Light Premier Glove Set. Each Light in this set will come hand picked by our expert glove assemblers, and always with batteries and FREE Diffusers of your choice! All Assembled and ready to use, so your guaranteed to get the best looking and coolest glove set around. Let us do all the hard work, so you can start giving expert light shows!

GloFX Premier Series Glove Sets will blow the mind of even the most advanced Glover! We took our standard Glove Set to the next level by adding our all new, ultra durable Microlights. These new lights save you bundles of money by utilizing value casings YET maximize light output and effects with super high intensity LED Bulbs. These LED bulbs are our brightest yet, and optimize more color patterns than ever before. Make sure you have the brightest gloves in the crowd by grabbing a set of our Premier Series LED Gloves today!

GloFX Premier Microlights:

Our Premier Series microlights come in a variety of colors and effects. Ranging from 1 color per bulb up to 7 colors per bulb, and incorporating every color in the rainbow! Our goal was to create an entire fantasy of effects, depending on the kind of LED Bulb in your microlight.Including ribbon, strobe, super strobe, fantasy, and more! With most of these effects, the bulb will appear one solid color; until in motion. Once in motion, the lights true colors will show! Whether it is one color or 7, these lights will shock any onlooker with remarkable patterns and brightness! Our Premier Series lights are housed in an ultra durable, shock resistant casing. This casing is designed to withstand anything you can throw at it, and it's even moisture resistant. Each light has two on/off features: One is a simple on/off switch fixed on the top of the casing. The second is a pressure sensitive touch button that is used for momentary light output. This mode is great for creating your own effects and enhancing the possibilities of your glove set. Each microlights runs on either (1) CR 2032 or (2) CR2016 battery. Batteries are included and replaceable. Take your glove set to the next level with our GloFX Premier Microlights!

GloFX Glove Sets are assembled in Tallahassee, Florida. Every set utilizes high intensity, individually powered microlights. Unlike chinese knock off's, our Gloves are made to last! Get the quality you want AND the price you want by shopping directly with the manufacturer!


*note: Glove lights appear one solid color in pictures; however when in motion,they erupt into a rainbow of colors and effects based on the different LED bulbs inside of them.

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