4-LED Lux 360 Orbit 2.0


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  • The GloFX Product Development Team spent over a year and countless hours developing the Lux 360 2.0 Orbit. The Lux 360 2.0 Orbit combines LED lights with luxury. Lux means âœa unit of illumination or lightâ? in Latin, and the name of this product truly captures its essence. Lux is aimed at light show aficionados and flow art enthusiasts who crave the newest and most elite products.

    • Complete Professional Dual-Orbit Set
    • 360 Orbit Housing (Black) w/ Removable Ring (Clear)
    • Virtually Indestructible Polycarbonate Shell
    • Reverse Your LEDâ™s to Create a Dual-Ring Orbit
    • Pro-Click Button for Easy Mode Changing
    • [4] Intelligent Microlights With Over 1,000,000 Color Combinations
    • [9] Professionally Engineered Display Modes
    • Extremely Bright LEDs
    • T2 Handles w/ Satin Leashes
    • Over [10] Hours of Battery Life On Any Mode

    Incredible Lux 360 Dual-Orbit Housing

    The Lux 360 Orbit is housed within a virtually indestructible Polycarbonate (PC) shell. PC is the hardest material available, better than ABS or other commonly used plastics. This is the same materials used in riot shields to protect the lives of police officers. PC is also lightweight for faster spinning. The Lux 360 Orbit Housing is an insanely advanced piece of technology designed to take the orbit to the next level. The black shell hides inner mid-section light to produce even rings and crisp light trails. The inner casing is solid black creating the most crisp Dual-Orbit light trails, while the outer ring is 100% clear allowing all light to pass through. The Lux Housing also features Pro-Click Buttons for easy mode changing and color selection on each of the four LEDs.

    Removable Ring

    The most advanced feature of our 360 Housing is the outer ring. This ring is designed to never let the orbit stop spinning. Who cares if your orbit bounces off a table, wall, or you. Off-body bounces and flares are enhanced with the contoured design. Perform tricks you never could before by letting the orbit bounce off your arm, shoulder, and legs. Flowing has never been so smooth. The seamless outer ring prevents the orbit from ever stopping. It also protects your LEDâ™s â“ no more shattering LED bulbs when your orbit hits a hard object. The 360 Orbit cannot tangle in your strings and is the best orbit for beginners and professionals.

    Lux Microchip 2.0

    Powered by a custom microchip that features onboard memory only found in Lux Series products, this is the most advanced chip that our engineers have ever developed. The Lux Chip allows the user to select their own custom color scheme from over 1,000,000 color combinations and variations. Select your favorite colors and enjoy nine versatile mode patterns. Or, find your perfect mode and convert your chip to one mode only. The onboard memory allows the LEDs found in the orbit to "save" your favorite color pattern without fear of it being lostâ¦even if the batteries are removed! Immediately return to your favorite setting with only one click. Weâ™ve created an LED that emits incredible amounts of light, but still lasts. On any mode running non-stop, our LED's remain lit for over ten hours!

    T2 "Trick & Tension" Handles

    The best orbit in the world also needs to spin perfectly... so we carefully balanced our orbit for flawless tricks. We added thicker 2 mm satin string paired with the GloFX T2 Handles. Our handles feature the ability to produce maximum tension and pull-strength in your orbit. They also let the user perform insane tricks while maintaining absolute control of the Lux Orbit. Better yet, the handle is ergonomically shaped to fit in under your fingers, behind your hand, or in your fist. The slim design let's the user wrap the orbit string while maintaining a firm grip. Best of all, the T2 Handle can be removed from the orbit in under five seconds.


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