GloFX Team 3-Mode Glove Set: Glory

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    • GloFX Team Glory Glove Set
    • Includes (2) Two Gloves with LED Finger Tips
    • 10 GloFX GloMax 3-Mode Microlights
    • Includes 10 Closed Diffusers
    • Batteries Included (Replaceable)
    • Pre Assembled and 100% ready to use

    Microlight Breakdown:
    Thumb 1: Green Ribbon
    Thumb 2: Green Ribbon
    Index Fingers: Red, Green, Yellow 3-Color Strobe
    Middle Fingers: Red Ribbon
    Ring Fingers: Red, Green, Yellow 3-Color Strobe
    Pinky Fingers: Yellow Ribbon

    3-Mode GloFX Chip:
    Mode 1: 3 color strobe, A-B-C
    Mode 2: 2 color strobe, A-B
    Mode 3: 1 color strobe, A
    Switch off by continuing to push switch for 1.5sec.
    Under off status, change to 1-mode style chip by holding the switch down until the light powers on. To return to 3-mode, under off status, hold the switch down until the light powers on. It will now be back to the full 3-mode status.

    NOTE:Only 3-Color Strobes will function exactly this way. Other strobes may have different effects on each mode. Multi-Color Ribbon bulbs WILL ONLY HAVE ONE MODE WHEN USED WITH THIS CHIP! All 1-color ribbons will have multiple strobe modes as well.

    Every set utilizes high intensity, individually powered microlights. Our Gloves are made to last! Get the quality you want AND the price you want by shopping directly with the manufacturer!


    *note: Glove lights appear one solid color in pictures; however when in motion, they erupt into a rainbow of colors and effects based on the different LED bulbs inside of them.

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